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Promo Gifts + Awards + Branded Mementos.

For Your Executives, Employees, Clients, Volunteers, and Board Members.

We create logo-imprinted corporate gifts and keepsakes for your milestones, programs, and events. 

Our tasteful logo imprinting fits the tone of your program and reason for gifting.

Savvy gift selection and superior service, at your request and on your schedule.  

We guide you in selecting the most tasteful gift and logo imprinting to fit the tone of your audience.  

We understand that you are giving a business gift to make the recipients feel honored and appreciated.  Your gift choice conveys the importance of their relationship to you and your firm.  Tasteful gift giving is an important investment. 

We will help you achieve the goodwill that a proper gift can convey. 

This website showcases some popular and successful business gifts.  Our selection is much deeper than our website permits.  Please reach out to us if you need advice.  

We have two sister websites:  www.promomento.com and www.more-promomento.com.

We serve the US market from our location in the Greater New York / New England.